Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lighting Tip

I have spent a lot of time sourcing affordable lighting for a couple of clients lately and almost forgot to look in an unexpected place... the baby/kid department. They are often times a fraction of the price of the grown-up version and a smaller scale for those 8 ft ceilings that we all (don't) love. I have especially been loving Restoration Hardware Baby and Child lately and am in love with the following three in particular!

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Angela said...

I never thought of looking in the baby section but that is so true! Definitely good for an apartment. I love these picks!


HoltwoodHipster said...

The top one is just the most isn't it?! Can you imagine being a little girl with something that snazzy hanging in your room? I think I might've had one of those old, square flush mounts back in the day.

Lindsay said...

Such a great place to look! That first one is just gorgeous!

Jessica said...

I love a gorgeous chandelier, I would love to have one in my room in a funky color!