Style infuses every aspect of our lives, not just interiors. While my passion is interior design, I have a love of the fashion industry as well and believe that being well dressed is just as important as having a well-styled home as both speak to who you are and both play an important role in living an enriched life.

You can find great inspiration for your home by looking in your closet and how you compose outfits. Do you wear a lot of accessories or none? Do you like to wear your hair in a bun or loose and wavy? Do stick with neutrals or are you more daring in your color choices? All of these are style indicators for not only your home, but all areas of your life.

Most importantly, design needs to be created for your personality and your lifestyle – not the other way around.

This is an all-inclusive design service for clients in the Kansas City area. This option includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Initial Meeting – We meet in your home to assess the space and discuss how your goals, personality and lifestyle play into your style.

Presentation – I present the design plan to you for approval.

Shopping – Once the design plan has been approved, I will get to work and do all of the shopping for you.

Install & Styling – This is where the fun begins! Everything will be delivered to your home and just like an outfit isn’t complete without accessories, your home isn’t complete without all of those personal details. I will put everything in its proper place and have your home looking magazine ready!

Full Service Design is available for $35/hour. Flat rates are also available and determined on a project-by-project basis.

Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so should your home! I will change out accessories and implement the season’s new trends to give your home a fresh look.

Pricing: $75 per room

Don’t live in Kansas City? No problem! Handpicked selections will be delivered to you via e-mail along with a written explanation of the plan and product source list.

Pricing: Living Room/Bedroom/ Dining Room/Office - $125
Kitchen/Bath/Hallway/Entryway - $100

This is for all of the fashionistas out there! One of the best indicators of your interior style? Your closet. Send me a picture of your favorite outfit and I will design your room based on your clothes and accessories.

Pricing: Living Room/Bedroom/ Dining Room/Office - $125
Kitchen/Bath/Hallway/Entryway - $100

Looking for something a little different? A la carte options are available to you at $50 an hour:

Art Selection // Event Planning // Craigslist Item Selections // Personal Shopping

Have something in mind that you don’t see listed here? E-mail me and we will talk details!

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