Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking for velvet pillows??

While sourcing products for a client I came across these fantastic pillows at Urban Outfitters. I was pleasantly surprised!

Zigzag Velvet Pillow

Hand Quilted Velvet Pillow

Velvet Linen Pillow

I am also loving these pillows from Pier 1. Great price for a velvet pillow {$20} and come in such pretty colors! You have to see them in person!

Shaded Spruce Pillow

Citron Plush Pillow

Chive Plush Pillow

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Erica said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, especially since it led me to yours! Will be adding you to my faves.

Anonymous said...

Really fun, bright pillows!


Suzanne Anas Jurich said...

I have a major pillow obsession, so this was definitely a post I did not need to see! Ha ha! Those are great!

Joi said...

I have a round yellow velvet pillow from Urban Outfitters and I love it! It's held up quite nicely and gives the area a pop of color and texture!