Monday, May 16, 2011

A little thrifting style

While running errands today, I had the hubs drop me off at Savers so I could do a little walk through. After finding nothing in the home aisle, I did something out of character... checked out the clothes!!! *GASP* I guess all these brilliant style bloggers have gotten to me :)

I found TWO fantastic blazers for a total of $15. It really doesn't get much better!

I am totally excited about the prospect of finding more clothes while thrifting. New hobby?!

BTW- new kitchen countertops going in tomorrow morning (good b-day present!!). Also, almost done with my greek key dresser, which means more design related posts soon, promise!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Thank you Urban Outfitters for offering 5 x 7 chevron rugs for $69!!! I want to order two of the gray to put under my dining room table next to each other and of course that is the one color that is backordered until August. I think I will go ahead and place my order anyway! I don't want to settle.

Check it out, folks.

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