Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guest Post - Recently

Hello everyone!  I'm Emily from Recently, and I'm absolutely delighted to be guest posting on Second Street East today!  I'm sure you'll all agree with me wholeheartedly that Michelle is a genuine breath of fresh air and has gobs of talent to boot, so the fact that she asked me to guest post was an honor indeed.

I knew, of course, that Michelle's readers would go for nothing less than pure loveliness in a post, so I turned to one of my recent favorite rooms for inspiration...

Image via: Adore Home Magazine, Photography by Hannah Blackmore
This room from Adore Home instantly grabbed my attention with its array of textures and its cozy feel.
Since I'm in the middle of a bedroom makeover myself, I thought I would have a little fun and show you how to get the look for yourself.

The first step (and definitely my favorite!) is to decide on your most loved elements, and get your shop on...

lamp 1 // lamp 2 (lamp shade) // pink floyd fine art print // faux fur throw // matelasse coverlet // geometric pillow cover // linen pillow cover // side table // leopard slippers

If you're like me, and catching a good bargain makes you giddy, you'll imagine my excitement at finding a lower priced version of my favorite element in this bedroom, the lamp, at Kirklands's for only $70!  With only a simple switch of the lamp shade we have the same look for so much less!

Now that you've found what you love, it's time to make this room your own...

As you can see, an exact replica isn't necessary, just similar components that will give you the same comfy feel and relaxed glamor of the look you love.
And there you have it!  A cozy place to rest your head, made just for you!

Michelle, thank you so much for having me today!  Hope you loved it!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with Sadie + Stella

Holy Hump Day! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and I could not be more thrilled to have made it to Happy Hour with you all. While the lovely Michelle is sunning herself and sipping on her Hump Day cocktail, I am going to fill in to share a few cocktails with you lovers. There is nothing more that I enjoy than a solid, refreshing cocktail mid-day. Does that make me an alcoholic? No. That makes me an adult. What's on Happy Hour Special this Hump Day? A Kiwi Capiroska. We are going to take it tropical my loves. 

1 cups Kiwi, peeled and diced
6 Mint leaves, divided
1 tablespoon sugar, divided 
1.5 Limes juiced
1 cups Vodka
1 cups Coconut Flavored Sparkling Water 
Ice cubes
Garnish: Kiwi peeled and thinly sliced

Fill glasses with 1/3 cup of diced kiwis, 2 mint leaves, 1 teaspoon sugar, and ½ lime juiced.
Muddle together the contents of each glass until fully combined.
Fill each glass with ice and top off with 1/3 cup vodka and 1/3 cup coconut sparkling water.
Stir, finish each with a kiwi garnish and serve.

See. Just like Michelle, we are getting tropical. And on a Wednesday! What a lifestyle. Come and visit me over at S+S and we will share many more libations. I promise!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Post - Main Street Chic

Hello SSE readers! I’m so excited to fill in for Michelle while she is away. As I’m sure is the case with
most of you, Second Street East is a daily source of inspiration for me and I’m super happy to be a part
of it today!

Over on my blog, Main Street Chic, I do a series called “Inspired to Incorporated.” Essentially, these
posts show the inspiration I find online, and how I incorporate them into my own life. You could call it
copying, but I just call it using my resources

We all know Michelle has fab style, so this “Inspired to Incorporated” post is all about how her outfits
have inspired mine!

This just might be the ultimate weekend outfit. Army jacket + striped dress + sandals = super easy and
super cute!

Nothing jazzes up a boring workday like a little leopard. I got my added pop of color from my necklace/
purse, but I LOVE Michelle’s cobalt heels.

My chambray shirt is pretty much my best friend. I love how Michelle styled it here with a pleated skirt
and skinny belt, so I copied the look for a dinner out with the Hubs.

Thanks so much for having me, Michelle! I had tons of fun copying you! Want to see more? I would
love to have you visit me at Main Street Chic!

Could Emily be ANY more adorable! You must read her blog if you aren't all ready!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post - All Things Charming

Hi guys! Did I mention that I am vacationing all this week? I have some fabulous guest posts lined out and first up is Holly!

Hi there! I'm Holly from the fashion and lifestyle blog All Things Charming. I'm so excited to be here today at Second Street East! Michelle's blog is a daily read for me with her inspiring ability to blend the lines between interior and fashion.

Taking a cue from Michelle's Going Global post last month, I decided to highlight some pieces with a Mexican flair. My parents owned a travel agency while I was growing up (it was so amazing!). This combined with my dad living in Mexico while in grad school has lead to my family home being very influenced by Mexican design. After looking around my home, I decided to seek inspiration from a rug (the rug below is similar to one in our living room) and the textile and color books that sit on our coffee table. The patterns and vibrant shades in these interior items drew me to the fashion pieces below!

Tell me, how do global pieces influence your home interior and personal style? 

Mexican Inspiration {Interior to Fashion}

Thanks so much for having me, Michelle! xo 

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The It List

Happy Friday! I am currently on my way to Florida for a wedding and a little vacay action! I will be back next weekend but don't worry - I have some great guest posts lined up next week that you won't want to miss! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!

  • Sweetie Pie Style celebrated the solar eclipse with a cute tie dye scarf! The perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies goes for the unexpected and pairs bright, cheery citron with a muted olive! Throw on some pink lipstick and she has such a fun look!
  • Olive & an Arrow has joined the white skinny jean club and just in time for summer! Don't forget to check out the cute top she paired them with! (find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franishh found a total budget friendly pearl bib necklace! She made a few adjustments to make it her own and now she has the perfect statement peice! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is minty fresh in her new skinny jeans! She pairs them with leopard and pink for a bold vibe! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book is adding a little sparkle to her life with a gold sequined top! Paired with a pink maxi, she is looking seriously sweet! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now has officially entered wedding season and she is showing us how to look our best for the festivities! We even get a peek of her man's threads! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life is taking a cue from warmer temps and put together what could be the perfect weekend outfit - maxi skirt, tee, sandals and hat. (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane pairs stripes and floral for a combination that is sure to raise your spirits! A match made in heaven! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average is trying out the peplum trend and knocking it out of the park! Head over to find out where she got her top for a steal! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Wardrobes I Met and Liked shows us a different take on the leopard that we all know and love! Pop over to find out how she kicked it up a notch!
  • Urban Frill shows us a business casual look with a bag that play many roles! And her neckalce? Gorgeous!
  • Seize the Styles is sporting a candy striped dress that reminds her of fruit stripes gum! If this outfit doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will! (find Seize the Styles on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is crushing on ikat for home and wardrobe. Head over to see the pieces she picked to bring the pattern into you room and closet! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved - click here!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Second and Dahlia's Style Steals


Hi! Time for another edition of my favorite feature with DahliaLynn Lane! We are taking our inspiration from Lonny again this week (we can't resist!) and recreating this cozy little space in an outfit and a room! Things to note? The $15 couch and fab World Market Settee! Happy Thursday!


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with Three Pink Dots

Good afternoon everyone! Lauren from Three Pink Dots here, and it's time to celebrate! But, what shall we celebrate today? I'm really good at justifying, how about fabulous Wednesday? Sure. 

1/4 cup pink grapefruit
1.5 oz vodka
1 tsp pomegranate liqueur
1 tsp simple syrup
juice of 1/4 lime
1 wedge of grapefruit for garnish

Swirl a slice of grapefruit over the rim of each glass, dip in sugar, fill with ice & set aside.
Combine ingredients in a cocktail pitcher, stir & pour, garnish with grapefruit wedge.
Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe (adapted from) / Outdoor Bar Cart / Cocktail Glasses / Outfit / Cabana 

This happens to be one of my favorite cocktails to sip on in the summer. The tangy ruby red grapefruit with the sugar rim is just perfect! It's definitely time to have one of these. Michelle, meet you in the cabana, in 10? Thanks for having me over! 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Like this? Try this!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday... really big stuff going on that I can't wait to share with you just don't want to jinx it, you know? But let's talk about something a little more fun

How perfect is this black ikat maxi? Love.

If you love a good ikat print, this ink ikat throw from Jayson Home would be the perfect touch to add to your home! Black always grounds a space so nicely!

See you back here tomorrow for Happy Hour!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The It List

  • Sweetie Pie Style rounds up one of her favorite new arm party trends - the open-ended cuff! Check out her beautiful picks! (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation found a real gem at the Shops at Target! The dress is gorgeous and perfect for summer!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is a pro at mixing patterns! See how she pairs polka dots and paisley for a polished, causal look!
  • Urban Frill Looks so chic in black, gold and lace! You must check out her amazing tassel necklace!
  • Olive & an Arrow is sporting an all-white ensemble that makes me want to head for the islands! Love the fun necklace she paired with it for a pop of color! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franishh shows us some serious arm candy! Head over to check out where all of her pretties are from! One might surprise you! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is going bold with a fabulous floral dress paired with bright accessories! Pop over to check out this super fun look! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book mixes vintage pieces with a few new ones for a dressy look with a boho vibe! Check out her hair accessory that makes the look! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now looks ladylike in her scallop shorts and top knot! Also, she shows us where to pick up our own scallops for under $50! Yes, please! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life shows us what to wear for an entire 11-day trip to Italy by mixing and matching a few key pieces! Impressive! (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane found an amazing old bag she had while moving! She pairs it with a chic wrap dress for an adorable look! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is keeping it casual with neutral pieces mixed with a few fun accessories! The sandals are such a great buy at an even better price! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average adds a little polish to her bohemian look with a trench vest!  Head over to see where she found it! (Find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Wardrobes I Met and Liked goes denim on denim but in a fun, unexpected way! The polka dot skinny jeans are to die for!!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved - click here!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Second & Dahlia's Style Steals

Hi! Back again with DahliaLynn Lane for another edition of Style Steals. We are both obsessing over this amazing space in Lonny and knew we had to recreate a look and space based on it! The highlights? The cuffs in the outfit are the BEST price! Don't forget to buy two and stack them! And who knew Sears carried a Starfish table?? Might have to be purchasing that one!! 



Dress (on MEGA sale!!) / Shoes / Clutch / Cuffs / Necklace


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with The Vault Files

Happy Hump Day everyone! Gaby from The Vault Files here inviting you to not your typical happy hour, am I right? Nevertheless, High Tea is an afternoon event that every girl should experience; what better excuse to nibble on bite-sized desserts and appetizers all afternoon long?

While living in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years ago I was lucky to attend to a couple of these and let me tell you that they are really fun. I honestly can't think of a more tasteful and ladylike event than High Tea. So for this occasion I would love to wear this delicate mint and nude dress, with these floral earrings and dainty gold bracelets. And because I'll be siting all afternoon I have the perfect excuse to wear these stunning (and super high) platform pumps ;) What about you? Have you ever been to High Tea?

*Image credits: Mini raspberry melting moments / Tea Sandwiches / Bernardaud Pensees Tea cup, saucer and sugar bowl / Tiffany & Co Bamboo gold teaspoon / Sieger Treasure Gold Large Teapot / Shanghai Orchid White Tea / Light wedding desserts / Bite-size cakes /

Thanks so much Michelle for letting me bring this unconventional Happy Hour to Second Street East!

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Giveaway on Look Linger Love

Just wanted to let you guys know I am doing a pillow giveaway over on Look Linger Love today! Head over for a chance to win ANY pillow in my shop :)  See you back here later for happy hour!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New in the Shop!

Just wanted to share a couple new prints that are up in the shop - more to come soon!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Outfit

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend! I have had a lot going on (really hope to share soon) so today I only have outfit pics - and taken with my iPhone at that! The husband and I went back home to Oklahoma for the weekend to see our mommas and for a friend's birthday. I wore this to run around town all day Saturday!



Shirt - J.Crew / Pants - Gap / Shoes - Zara

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The It List

  • Sweetie Pie Style has a new obsession - rose gold! Head over to see what she pairs her new kicks with for a bright, rosy look!  (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation is stepping out of her comfort zone with pattern mixing and it paid off! Check out her easy tip to keep the look cohesive!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is trying one of the favorite looks of the season - pink and red colorblocking. She made it her own with an edgy leather jacket! So cute!
  • Urban Frill is channeling her inner 50s housewife for a sweet polka-dotted look with a modern twist! Pop over to see how you can recreate the vintage inspired look!
  • Olive & an Arrow pairs a Beatles tee with a floral skirt for an unexpected match! Glad she did because they look amazing together!!  (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franish is ready to set sail in her nautical inspired outfit! She even has an amazing manicure to match! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is trying something new in the accessories department! Head over to see how she pairs two necklaces for twice the statement! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book combats the cooler temps of her office with a beautiful layered look! And her bow belt? Gorgeous! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now has discovered just how amazing maxi skirts really are! Her purple and leopard duo is a perfect combination! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life pairs green and orange for a fun spring look! Don't forget to check out the floral boat shoes!! (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane even makes moving look chic! A plaid shirt, jean shorts and tennies never looked so good! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is trying out the metallic Sperry wedges with a fun outfit that involves some pattern mixing! Head over to see the office the outfit inspired! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Good Life shows us how to dress for a chilly spring! Check out what she pairs a sweater with to make it work for the new season! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get Kourtney Kardashian's fun floral look! Stop by to see what pieces are used to recreate the look, all for under $95!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved - click here!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second and Dahlia's Style Steals

Back today with another edition of Style Steals with DahliaLynn Lane! Today we are inspired by this casual, earthy room from Ballard Designs. Love the pink, blue and gold combination - makes for a pretty cute outfit, too!


Shirt / Jeans / Shoes / Bangles / Cuff / Clutch


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with Because It's Awesome

Hooray for Wednesday! Today I have another stellar guest over to host happy hour for us! She was my very first blogging buddy that I met in real life, which I would say is pretty special :) She has a killer eye for design and I hear she makes some pretty mean salsa! So without further adieu...

hey, all! tobe here from because it's awesome, ready to serve up this week's hump day happy hour with michelle (which we are lucky enough to really be able to do in KC!). this week, we're going classic with good old fashioned margies. because you didn't indulge in too many of those this past weekend, right?  :)

serve em up in these very fine gold dipped tumblers with a classic white pitcher. an assortment of delicious apps are dying to be presented on these watercolor beauties with what else but gold flatware (similar) and patterned cloth napkins. finish off the look with this gorgeous summertime-inspired rattan bar cart and your guests will never leave. actually, they might be able to if they have one too many of these dangerous margaritas! a very simple recipe of each 12 oz beer, sprite, tequila and limeade (use the limeade container for easy measure) and you've got yourself a delicious treat. be forewarned, though...these babies are potent! 

* i always like to have a few idea books around with drink and appetizer inspiration. fresh and easy and porch parties definitely fit the bill!

* the originator of this recipe was mike. just in case that wasn't clear :)


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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Election Day

Remember the Sperry contest I told you about yesterday from Well today the contest is actually live. I jumped the gun a little and got the date wrong (this shows how overwhelmed in life I am currently-hopefully I have some news to share with you soon!!). So if you would show me a little love and cast your vote today I would so appreciate it! I will back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programming (this means happy hour, folks!)

**Update - I had the wrong link programmed in to where you could not vote. Click here to vote!! Thanks!!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Outfit to Room - Contest!

Chambray - J.Crew / Checks - J.Crew / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Skirt - Banana Republic
Sperry Wedges c/o


Happy Monday!! Today I have a very special outfit to room for you guys! I was asked by to participate in this fun shoe styling contest for Sperry Top-Sider that starts tomorow. I have always loved their boat shoes so thought it would be cool to try out their wedges, which I love! So comfy! There are three other bloggers who styled the same Sperry for women shoes and I can't wait to see what they put together! I would love you guys forever if you popped over here tomorrow and voted for my look! It would mean the world :)

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Friday, May 4, 2012

The It List

Happy happy Friday!! We have some fun Cinco de Mayo festivities planned this weekend and I am so excited!  Oh and I wanted to share with you a fun little download from my friend, Jill. She put together 3 really good tips for taking outfit photos - one of them I didn't even know! Check out the download on her blog (it is the yellow and gold button in the sidebar)! Really - it's good info! Have a wonderful weekend and see you guys back her on Monday!

  • Franish found a cheaper version of the ever-popular J.Crew necklace we have been seeing everywhere! It looks amazing paired with red stripes! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is rocking the boyfriend jeans! She pairs them with neutrals and a few pops of neon for a gorgeous look! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book is showing us her Derby Style! Head over to see how she pairs that fabulous hat with a chic dress for a look worth betting on! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Urban Frill rounds up her favorite neon pieces for summer! The best news? They are all under $45! 
  • A Fashion Fixation looks lovely in her pretty printed dress! She shows us just how easy it is to look fabulous!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane is going casual chic in a leopard maxi skirt! You HAVE to see this skirt! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • A Dash of Details tells us about her tried and true hair products that she swears by! Head over to find out what she uses to keep her locks looking beautiful! (find A Dash of Details on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now is obsessed with mixing prints! She looks seriously sweet in her polka dots and stripes! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies mixes plaid and stripes for a quirky look! The perfect outfit for a cute, casual weekend!
  • Sweetie Pie Style is ready for Cinco de Mayo and is showing us what to wear, eat and drink! I wish I was going to her party!!  (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East threw on some boots and a bow for a lazy, rainy day! Head over to see how this outfit translates into a cute living room! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Olive & an Arrow puts on her cowboy boots for a bit of southern flair! She paired them with a girly skirt for a fun look! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Good Life put together an amazing outfit and each piece is under $25! Yes, you heard that right - pop over to see where they are from! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get Gwyneth Paltrow's classic black and white look! Stop by to see the pieces she chose, all for under $80!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved - click here!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Second and Dahlia's Style Steals

Welcome to the first edition of Second & Dahlia's Style Steals! As I mentioned last week, I am partnering with Jessica from Dahlia Lynne Lane to bring your tons of home and fashion inspiration each week. We are focusing on recreating looks in an wallet-friendly way! This week our inspiration comes from this gorgeous living room featured in Lonny!



We would love to know what you guys think!! Do you like this new series?!  Oh and I bet you are wondering what two lucky ladies won the giveaway, huh?!

Send us an e-mail to claim your prize!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with Main Street Chic

Happy Hump Day! So glad it is time for a drink :) Today I have my college buddy Emily from Main Street Chic here to share with us her perfect Happy Hour! If you aren't reading her blog already, you should be! She is pretty much adorable!!

Today is a very special day in our household- it's the Hubs' birthday! So in celebration of this very special occasion, tonight at Happy Hour we will be having what I call the "Cody Special." Which is essentially MY favorite drink, not his - but he is reaaally good at making them :)


By the way, we are very scientific at our house - note the measurements!

"The Cody Special"

Vodka - A little less than half the glass

Tonic - Almost to the top (but leave some room!)

Splash of Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice - to make it the perfect pinky-red

Squeeze of lime - to taste

Hopefully tonight we can find a lovely rooftop to enjoy our happy hour a la Zooey and Joey. And these cocktail glasses would make our drink taste even better. And while we are at it, I'll take a fab vintage bar cart to mix the drinks on. And these cocktail napkins. And these Kate Spade heels to wear. OK, I'm done :)

Happy HAPPY Hour, everyone!

Thank you, Emily! Can't wait to try your special drink!!

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Sponsor Spotlight - The Best of This Life

Happy hump day! This morning I am so excited to share with you one of my sweet sponsors, The Best of This Life! She makes the most amazing gluten-free recipes and serves up some serious eye candy with her food photography! If you haven't checked her out yet, you must! Today she is doing something a little special for us - Recipe to Decor!

Hi everyone! I'm Emily from The Best of this Life, a food and lifestyle blog. I'm so happy to be here today to share with you one of my favorite easy and healthy recipes, along with the details for a fresh Spring table decor. A little background about me: I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance over 10 years ago and have since then created lots of recipes that are easy and as close to the real deal (gluten full) as possible.  I started baking gluten-free for one reason, and now I couldn't imagine not using delicious, nutrient rich flours, like buckwheat, brown rice, teff, and others instead of bleached white flour. Along with lots of gluten-free recipes, on my blog I share essentials boards (including home, style, kitchen, entertaining and baby), visual inspirations, ideas for entertaining, product reviews, and anecdotes from my life.

The recipe I'm sharing with you today is a hearty granola, which is an ideal replacement for store bought cereal!

Homemade Granola with Cranberries, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate
Makes 6 servings

2 1/2 cups gluten-free oats
1/2 cup gluten-free oat flour

1 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 cup firmly packed muscovado sugar 
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup coconut oil (in solid form)
1/2 cup dried cranberries (sweetened with applejuice)
1/3 cup crushed almonds (you can buy or diy: put almonds in a bag and crush using a rolling pin)
Note: you can really add whatever ingredients you fancy - I'm looking forward to trying pumpkin seeds, raisins, walnuts, and dried cherries.

  1. In a large bowl combine oats, flour, cinnamon, crushed almonds and cranberries - set aside.
  2. In a medium sauce pan, on medium heat, combine coconut oil, honey, and sugar. Stir until melted and completely blended.
  3. Pour over dry mixture and stir gently.
  4. Let the wet mixture cover the dry mix until it forms little clusters.
  5. Grease two large baking sheets with coconut oil. Spread granola mixture evenly.
  6. Bake in the oven at 175 F for 1 hour.
  7. After the baking time is done, turn off the heat, let the granola sit for another 30 minutes in the oven.  
  8. Pull out of the oven, it may still be warm, let cool completely before adding the dark chocolate chips (you can sprinkle them on top of spread out granola for even distribution or add into the storage container afterwards.)
  9. Transfer to air tight container for storing.
  10. Enjoy with your favorite milk (we had ours with unsweetened almond milk), over yogourt, or by itself! Yum :)

Decor Details

I love when a breakfast table is uncluttered, fresh, and airy.  The light from a new day is coming in and all you really need is a few bright flowers, a fresh pot of coffee, and a scrumptious bowl of granola :)

  1. Lilac cereal bowl from IKEA
  2. Creamer and sugar bowl from Pottery Barn
  3. Flower patterned placemat from IKEA
  4. Biodegradable plastic spoons from Shop Sweet Lulu
  5. Pink peonies from Country Living

And voilĂ , just like that you have a gorgeous spread that insists you never skip breakfast again!

Thanks so much, Emily! That granola looks delicious! I will definitely be making up a batch to munch on for breakfast :)

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of SSE, please shoot me an e-mail!

Don't forget to head back over for happy hour at 3! This week's drink is going to be so good!!

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