Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Serena & Lily

Today I came across this website (it hurts to write it this way AP committee) while I was "working." It has really cute home accessories, some of which I have convinced myself I need...well, more like need to recreate.

Hello, red lacquered table. Though I would love to purchase you for $300, I think you could be duplicated quite easily from a Craigslist piece.

This one is for the girls over at Rural Gone Urban :) A patchwork of white and neutral cowhide patches! This is gorgeous and probably not so easily duplicated at home.

I am dying to make this woven pendant at home to go over my dining room table. It shouldn't be too hard, right? I'll let you know when I come up with something.

Happy Tuesday!

{All images via Serena & Lily}

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Heidi said...

your blog makes me happy.

Brooke said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the Shoutout :-)