Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Find

On the way home from IKEA we stopped at an antique mall in Iowa where I came across this pair of awesome vintage chairs.

The best part is they were only about $60 or the two. We didn't have any room in the truck for them so we paid for them and left them there for Adam to pick up the next time he is up that way. (Hopefully soon)

I am thinking about painting them white and reupholstering them in this fabric. This will be my first upholstery project so I am pretty excited!

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One said...

one, LOVE the current fabric.. but i understand it doesn't mesh well with your decor.
two, i'm quite the upholster-er these days..
i made a headboard last night and recovered an ottoman a few weeks ago.
therefore, i will be here to counsel you :)

One said...

ps. i was signed in with my work email.. haha... its dallyn..

Adam said...

Dallyn!!! I am sure that Michelle's intentions are good with these chairs, but the fabric was the one reason I was opposing!?!