Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Happy Hour with White Table Style

Hi, I'm Ellen and one of the partners of White Table Style. If you haven't heard, I am 5 1/2 months pregnant (with a baby boy!) but still like to go out with my friends for my own mocktail happy hour.

I love Michelle's blog and am always inspired by her beautiful Etsy shop. When I started my hump day board, I knew I had to share my favorite pillow - the vintage kantha quilt pillow. Then, I based my dream happy hour around it! Who doesn't need a Rio maxi? I could definitely belt it to make my bump stand out. My other summer essentials have to be the Bronzing Mousse and Surf Spray. You must have beach waves in the summer and especially at a happy hour. My favorite fashion tip is to buy men's sunglasses such as Marc Jacobs aviators. It will literally change your life. Plus, every girl needs a new pair of shoes.

Finish everything off with a Cherry Mint Spritzer - yes, please!

Cherry Mint Spritzer (recipe from Delish)

1 cup of pitted fresh or frozen cherries (if using frozen, you will need to thaw)
1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves plus garnish
8 teaspoons of sugar
1/4 cup of lime juice
3 cups of cherry-flavored seltzer (or add in your cherry flavored vodka for the drinker)

Divide cherries, mint and sugar into four glasses. Mash everything together and then stir in lime juice. Add ice and fill with the seltzer or vodka. Garnish with mint.

I hope you enjoyed my mocktail happy hour. Happy hump day to you! And, thanks to Michelle for having me.


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Ellen of White Table Style said...

This was such a fun post to write! Thanks, Michelle! And, thanks for the inspiration.

GiovannaPacini said...

Yum! That spritzer looks and sounds delish!

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Sadie + Stella said...

Love the cocktail. Love the outfit!

Stylebloggertory said...

Great recipe and I love that dress!