Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Much Wood

Nebraska Furniture Mart called and the entertainment center is going to take at least another 3 weeks to get here. Secretly, this made me happy because I started having second thoughts about it. It is another wood piece when we all ready have the wood floors, wood coffee table and wood and glass console table. I didn't think this one through very well. I purposefully have made the room very neutral thus far so I can add in pops of color in the a few pieces of furniture, pillows, etc. I saw this small armoire over at and want to recreate something similar to hold our TV in the living room.

Our piece will have to be quite a bit larger since we have a 42" (I think) TV. I love the glossy peacock blue and the brass ring pulls. Now, off to find the perfect Craigslist piece to transform!

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