Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bookcase Finds

I bought at IKEA back in May? Well, I am slowly gathering items to style it. I have recently acquired two new items that I wanted to share.

First, a milk glass bowl from a garage sale for ONE DOLLAR. You can't beat that!

Remember this bookcase

Second, a green Ikat bowl from Anthro on sale for $8. I'm in love. I probably should have bought more of them.

**I have been super busy with a new class and work so we still haven't finished cleaning up the grout in the laundry room. It will get done. I promise.

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Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Love that Anthro bowl! What a fun little find. I always love little bowls but then I get them home and feel like they should fulfill some purpose besides just being pretty, ya know?

PS. The word verification for this comment is whori. Um, weird.

sherry said...

2 really cute things that will show up great on your bookshelf!

Anonymous said...

Please come redecorate Dallyn and I's house.