Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Best of... Walmart?

Long story short, I was stranded at Walmart for two hours last night waiting to have my low tire checked. So with no bar close enough to walk to I decided to check out their goods. (Why can't we ever be stranded somewhere chic is beyond me...) There wasn't much, but I did find a few gems.

They surprisingly had a nice selection of ribbons. The only thing Hobby Lobby has over them is some velvet.

Aren't there some great options?! I picked up some of the greek key ribbon to do a little project that I will be sharing soon :)

Moving on to the Christmas section.

I need one of the mini trees... just can't decide between pink or white (I already have a 4 ft. white tree and a normal tree. Things might get out of control around here!) And honestly, who doesn't need a disco ball ornament?

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1 comment:

Jessika {Stand Still Look Pretty} said...

So happy your back blogging, my beautiful friend! If you want a small interior design project, Im moving into a new apartment soon (maybe in OKC?!... thats another story for another day...) SO Im going to need some inspiration! I liked your tip about how you cant go wrong with black and white. Too true; simple enough to forget lol. Needless to say, Ill be picking your interior design brain soon!