Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Roundup: Recipes + Trees

It was a tough weekend for OSU fans. We woke up Friday morning with the news that our women's head and assistant basketball coaches were killed in a plane crash while recruiting and then our national championship football game dreams were crushed that night with a loss to ISU. Though losing the game seemed marginal at that point, it was still a little salt in the wound. I must admit, as horrible as the tragedy is, it has been amazing to see the OSU family come together and I am proud to say I am part of that family.

On a lighter note, the weather cooled off considerable Sunday so it was time for stew, hot chocolate and christmas trees!

We started off with this deeelish chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa. You must try it!

We then moved on to homemade Italian style hot chocolate. I must say that I am not really even a fan of hot chocolate but this is the real deal. With a little whipped cream and caramel on top.. oh my! I will never have a glass of Swiss Miss again! (It's easy, too!)

While we were sipping our hot chocolate, we put on some christmas tunes and put our trees up! I am not quite decorating them yet, so that reveal will come a little later on. I am having trouble finding a tree skirt I like. Any suggestions?

Does anyone else have their trees up yet? I am finally getting into the mood for the holidays!

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Emily S. Davis said...

I had the HARDEST time finding a tree skirt I liked that wasn't $200... sooooo I improvised. I got some burlap and made my own! The texture is awesome and its super easy to make!

Amanda // Simple Street said...

I had my tree up about 3 weeks ago. My bad! One option is to find a cute, cheap skirt that has a nice pattern or texture to it, and then use very wide ribbon to create contrast. Run the ribbon from the base of the tree, down to the end of the skirt and loop it under so you can't see the end. Do this all the way around the tree.