Thursday, October 11, 2012

Second and Dahlia's Style Steals

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Happy Thursday! How amazing is the dining room of Billy and Kathy Lee Joel. So simple but still has tons of character! And I totally love those glam chandeliers! Favorite picks from this week's looks are the (Cheap!!) necklace that Jessica found and the vintage candlesticks!

Pants / Shoes / Top / Scarf / Necklace / Bag / Hat / Jacket


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haley said...

Your blog is too cute...Glad to have found it <3


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Abi K said...

In love with "The outfit" my kind of tones!
I started following you!You are welcome to follow me back, I sell beautiful high-end quality recycled & new fashion!
Abi K

Aliye Niyazov said...

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kiriath tarin said...

Totally agree, i love it too! those chandeliers are gorgeous! I love the chairs too!

I just found your blog today! i love the idea of mixing both home and fashion together! so amazing!

im a new follower, not a huge blog but hopefully you can check it out!
have a fabulous weekend