Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in action: Gardening 101

Sorry for the lonnnnnnng break, guys. I have been a little overwhelmed with life lately, with job searching/trying to figure out my next move. Don't you feel that way sometimes?

Anyway, in the meantime hubs and I have been doing some work around the house and since it is getting warmer out, that involves planting! I honestly don't know much about landscaping at all but have recently came across a little tip for outdoor planters. {This very well be something that all of you already know and if so, sorry!}

The concept is called thrillers, fillers and spillers and it is basically just that. Choose a tall plant, normal flowers and a flowing vine and stick them all in one pot for a fool proof planter! I put together a couple on the back patio.

Aren't you glad spring is here?!

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Karena said...

Ooh I can't wait, Michelle!! It is still freezing here. Your planted pots look fab!

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A Delightful Design said...

Welcome back. :-) I'm in the same boat of taking a bit of a break. Moving is stress-FULL.

planters look great! thanks for the tip!

Shea said...

Yes, I totally know how you feel! Sometimes you just need a break! I love the planters, hopefully we'll get some flowers planted soon!

Chic Coles said...

Primroses are a favorite for this time of year.What beautiful pots you planted.