Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Gift to Ourselves

So the hubs and I have been talking about what to get each other for Christmas for a while. We originally decided on a new mattress (since ours is just a hand-me-down) but it isn't bothering either of us. I sleep just fine, so why drop a big chunk of change on that? So we recently decided to do all new bed linens (including mattress pad, pillows etc.), which is perfect because I want to makeover our bedroom. I plan to do white sheets and a white duvet and am open to suggestions! Do any of you have sheets that are ah-mazing? If so, please share! For the duvet, I have been wanting this from Lands End for a while...

It is a linen duvet but I love the coral/red border around it! For some reason, I have not been able to pull the trigger. If I go with this, my whole plan is off since the color is all any of you have a linen duvet? I don't even know if I would like linen?

If I order today, I will get $40 off so any suggestions are welcome!

Are you making any big purchases this year for Christmas?

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