Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FNO KC Style

Finally getting around to going through all the fun pics from FNO last week. I stayed put at the Plaza in  Kansas City and made my way to some of my favorite stores. I also got a little bonus this year when the   lovely ladies at the Plaza gave me a gift card to spend that night to check out all of the great deals!

We started the night at Hall's where I styled a men's look for the night. I took Adam with me to pull for the outfit and let's just say I am the only one who cares about fashion in this house... I tried to keep it a little preppy for him since he basically only wears Ralph Lauren. 

BTW- this is the only pic of what I wore that night! It was a last minute change because of a little wardrobe malfunction with the silk orange jumpsuit I had originally planned to wear. It is pretty fabulous and I was pretty upset. I'll just have to find another excuse to whip it out. 

Adam said he would wear everything but the desert boots... I don't know why, but he REFUSES them. It has become my goal to make him where them. Anyone else have these issues?!

Another place of note that night was Standard Style. They had a great DJ, delicious drinks and great food. And I have to show you these new Baldwin Denim pants. They. are. fab. I tried to buy them off of one of the (male) employees but no such luck. We all now I have a thing for camo. They only carry a (sold out) men's version right now but I was told to be looking for a women's version this spring! 

I also hit up a few other plaza retailers like Gap, J.Crew and Ann Taylor. And I bet you all are wondering how I spend my gift card? See below!

1. My one splurge of the night was the Gap Blazer, which put me a little over my $100 limit but I think it was totally worth it!

2. You will not believe how much I paid for the Standard Style bag.  $10. Seriously. It was on sale for $30 and then I had $20 off for the promotion they were holding for FNO. Maybe one of the best deals ever?

3. This cute lace top was $20 at Ann Taylor. I couldn't pass it up. Great for summer and for layering this fall!

I just realized this would make a cute look with all three of them together - just have to choose the bottoms! See you back here tomorrow for an outfit to room with one of my new pieces!

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Sarah Harrison said...

Cute! My husband refused the desert boots for a while...but then finally tried them on last fall, realized how comfortable they were, and now that is all he wears!

Amanda Raborn said...

LOVE what you picked out! That blazer is worth a little extra money :)

It's an Easy Life

Shea Sayers said...

I wonder how I missed you at FNO, I was at the plaza too! It looks like you found some great stuff--that blazer is worth the splurge, it will go with so much! I love your menswear look too, I'd love it if my husband wore this. (I'm definitely the only one in my house that cares about fashion too!)

Michelle Henderson said...

I know! Such a bummer! We will have to get together soon :) And how are we ever going to talk these guys in to a little fashion ;)

Michelle Henderson said...

Good to know there is still hope!!