Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Bathroom/New Blog

My husband, Adam, and I bought our 1970's ranch about a year ago not for it's elegant style, but for it's massive potential. We had looked at many other houses that were much, much smaller than our lovely ranch and felt a little claustrophobic in them. Especially since Adam was making the move from a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment. This home was in foreclosure and it's price had dropped more than half from what it sold for in 2006. Granted it needs a lot of work to be what we want, but it wasn't in bad shape for a foreclosure (mostly everything needing work is cosmetic).

We haven't done much work on the house other than painting and are just now starting to make the big changes. First project: Hallway bathroom. We didn't really choose this to be our first project, it chose us. Adam was taking a shower one morning before heading out of town and the old, almond fiberglass tub cracked. We figured it we were going to be replacing the tub, we should go ahead and remodel the entire bathroom. Here is our new enameled steel white tub. This baby won't be cracking anytime soon!

We had a contractor come in to demo the bathroom, replace the tub and tile for us. and all of the tile in the bathroom is finally down. Now, add a little grout and we are that much closer to being back to working order.

We chose to do a white ceramic subway tile for the tub surround. We picked up these puppies for 21 cents a piece at Home Depot!

And for the floor... this dark brown marble that I am literally lusting over. I can't wait to use this bathroom.

The grout is supposed to go in tomorrow, and I will post pictures after! I also need to scrounge up the before pictures from when my husband and I first bought the house. Let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight!

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