Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bathroom Update

I sealed the marble floors in the bathroom today. I picked up the sealer/enhancer at Home Depot for about $30. It was pretty simple; spray on, wipe with sponge to cover, let sit for about 5 minutes and wipe of excess before it dries. I can't clean the floor for 24 hours so that will have to wait.

On another, more depressing note, we have a little vanity set back. We picked up the vanities we custom ordered from Home Depot a couple of days ago and just got around to opening them tonight and they, which was definitely not our intention. We have looked at pictures online, on the box they came in and from the magazine we ordered it from and they are all distinctly brown. It matches the black granite top perfectly but not the brown marble floors. Needless to say these will be going back tomorrow. The hubbs isn't too happy. Back to square one.

**On a lighter note, I e-mailed they guy about the antique side table and he is going to sell it to me for $50! I am pretty excited about that. Just need to go pick it up.

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