Sunday, January 24, 2010


For New Years, Adam and I decided to stay in and make our own drinks. He discovered this drink while on a business trip at a Brazilian restaurant and thought pretty highly of it so we decided to recreate it at home. Here is the recipe from an e-mail one of his coworkers sent him. (I liked his description so I decided to include it...with some spelling corrections!)

Okay, for those of you who succumbed to the embivement (I think he made this word up...can't find it in any dictionary!) of the sweet
nectar at the Brazilian restaurant, here's the recipe for that
illustrious clear hi-ball!

1 lime pulp only crushed
2 tbs. sugar - crush into lime

Fill glass with ice and top off with Cachaca, this was the liquor made
from dripping's of sugar canes.

Here are some pictures of us making this "sweet nectar."

We were a little nervous that it would be hard to find the Brazilian liquor. Adam headed to a liquor superstore and had to ask a few workers before someone knew what he was talking about but was finally successful.

The finished product! A couple of these bad boys is all you need...

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