Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wood Floors

After much debate, we have decided to go with wood floors throughout the house (vs. laminate). The two reasons we decided with real wood if that they can be refinished in the future if necessary and they will add more resale value to our home. We will be putting them everywhere upstairs except for the bathrooms, our bedroom and the laundry room. We went to Lumber Liquidators today to look at some options and pricing. Here are some of our top choices:

Bellawood American Walnut Natural
This is the most expensive one (which means we probably won't buy it) but they are gorgeous!

Casa de Colour by Dura Wood Tobacoo Road Acacia Natural
I have always loved the look of acacia wood so these would be a good option for us if we wanted to go with a floor with a lot of variation of color. Also, a better price point than the first option.

Virginia Mill Works Co. Old World Oak Natural
These last two are the two darker choices and the ones I am leaning more toward. They have a beautiful rustic charm to them and I have been dreaming of dark wood floors for a long time.

Virginia Mill Works Co. Knob Hill Birch Natural
This last option has the lowest price, which makes it very appetizing!

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