Friday, June 4, 2010

IKEA: Textiles

While at IKEA, I found many new textiles that would work perfectly for our home and our budget.

I knew before going that I was going to be purchasing curtains for the living room, I just didn't know which ones. When I saw the MERETE at $20 for a pair, my decision was made easy. They make such a huge difference! We hung them right below the ceiling to make the room appear a little taller.

Another thing I knew I wanted was a sheepskin. I had a sneaky suspicion that Ellie would love curling up on it for naps and boy, was I right! She loves it!

While browsing through the textile department, I came across these awesome ethnic black and white pillows. They are a really thick cotton and I knew they would go perfectly with my Chiang Mai beauties.

I am not really sure if this counts as a textile, but I figured I would throw it in. This fun, geometric doormat only set us back $5!!!

And the best for last... I saw this 7x9 rug and knew it had to be mine! It goes perfectly under our new dining room table, which I will be revealing next week. {No, it isn't from IKEA!}

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