Sunday, June 27, 2010

My husband thinks I'm crazy.

Yesterday, we were checking out our local farmer's market and we just happened to drive by a garage sale. {I don't normally go to garage sales, I am more of a CL girl} I told him to slow down so I could see if there was anything good... and what did I see?! Two horse lamps!!! I told him I needed them and he told me I was crazy. I made him take me back to see if they worked. They did. Ten bucks for the pair.

Now I must agree, they were a little questionable at first. But, as you know, this in nothing a little spray paint can't take care of :)

Since he wasn't loving the idea, I let him choose the color. I should have known before I even asked. Orange. {Once a cowboy, always a cowboy! Go Pokes!}

I ran to target and grabbed a couple of lamp shades for $12 each. {Disclaimer: I don't like the way they look with the art so I will either be moving the art or the lamps.}

He still thinks they are weird. I think they are freaking awesome!

I might be attending a few more garage sales!

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Lauren Teel said...

These are awesome and soooo Jonathan Alder! I love them, and they look awesome with the lamp shades! Such a good find! I am more of a estate sale girl, but sometimes you find cheap treasures, and it's worth at least a drive by. If you see a TON of baby clothes and toys, don't get out.

madison said...

Michelle these are amazing!! I always stop at garage sales. Teel's right, do not get out for baby clothes and toys. It's amazing what cheap thrills you can find!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Sounds like me & my husband.....Well, I think you have a super cute pair of lamps, great find!! :)))))

Two Tall Blondes said...

what a score!!! i just picked one up from craigslist and can't wait to get a coat of paint on it to see how it husband calls me crazy for this obsession, too. you're not alone, my dear :)

Babs Blog said...

I LOVE these! I, too, am married to an OSU grad, so I can get away with anything as long as it's painted orange. :) These lamps are fantastic. Great find, and you have a great eye!