Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Design Board!

I have officially finished my first design board :) This is an entryway and was inspired by the peacock blue table.

Let me know what you think!

Source List:
Rug- Rugsusa.com {$85 for 3' x 5'}
Chair- Craigslist {pair for $100}
Lamp- West Elm from Ebay {$40}
Table- Image from Apartment Therapy {I would paint a table from CL peacock blue}
Mirror- Horchow {$200}
Lighting- DIY
Brass Horse Hook- Meisterider.com {$8}
Brass Knob- McKinney Direct {$58}

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Lauren Teel said...

Have those chairs sold yet? I think i need to buy them... do you think i could re-do the fabric on them?

sherry said...

So cute!!! I gotta figure out to do those just for my own pleasure!! Ha Ha

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