Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Here's the Scoop...

I don't think I have shared much about what I am currently doing. After graduating from Oklahoma State with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, I decided that I didn't want to pursue a career in that field. A few weeks after graduation, I made the decision to go back to school in order to become a mid-level medical practitioner. So for the past year I have been taking classes and working at a doctor's office in order to meet the requirements to apply for school. In the meantime, I have been working on my house, reading blogs and really falling in love with the design world, which has left me at a crossroads.

This is where you come in. I want to take on a few online decorating projects {for free of course} to see if this is something I enjoy doing and if I am even good at it. This could be a room you need help with, a piece of furniture that you want advice on how to refurbish or help selecting items from Craigslist. {we all know I love that!} In return, I ask that you give me honest feedback and if you like what I have done for you, let someone else know.

If this sounds interesting to anyone, e-mail me at and tell me a little bit about what you would like help with!

{Here are a few pretty pictures from my inspiration file. Wouldn't want to give you a post with no eye candy!}

{source: unknown}

{source: unknown}

{source: unknown}

{source: Good Bones Great Pieces}

{source: unknown}

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Gretchen said...

Good for you putting yourself out there! I am kind of doing the same thing...I LOVE Interiors, and "think" I am pretty good at it, but don't know for sure if it is something I want to do for a career. Let me know how your experiment goes! I am planning on blogging 5 rooms in 5 months to kind of get my design ideas out there and see where it takes me. (we just renovated a house and now am in decorating mode, the blog will hold me accountable.)


Dallyn Minnick said...

SO proud of you no matter what you do!!
But, can you come back to OK for this? Because we could have a kickin' interior design store..
This isn't a joke!

Two Tall Blondes said...

how exciting!! figuring out what you want to do is so difficult sometimes...from what i've seen, you would rock at this! :)

simply seleta said...

I LOVE these inspiration shots - the first one is ah-mazing!!!

Lovely Little Nest said...

That bedroom is SO dreamy! Love the neutral template and high ceilings. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jessika said...

Michelle this is right up your alley! I think you have a genuine passion for it, and lets be honest, who wouldn't want to make a living doing something they truly LOVE to do?! American dream, right? Super proud of you, girl! Go for it!