Monday, August 27, 2012

Office Progress!

Finally making some progress on my office and can't believe I haven't shown any pics of the new house! I guess I kind of wanted to wait until I had something redeeming to show you! 

Please note the blue carpet inset in the beige... seriously lovely. I have a long way to go (including some fun door projects!) so stay tuned!

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Mollie said...

Good Luck! Looks like a fun project...cant wait to see the pictures when it is done!

go for the glam

Tiffany Leigh said...

Ahaha the blue carpet! Very funny. I'm loving the wood floor and all the other little sneak peeks I'm seeing in this photo. Makes me want my own house sooo bad!

LaPetiteFashionista said...

your re-do looks amazing, love the wood floor!! can't wait to see more of the place!


B3HD the Blog said...

ahhh...wood floors. And hoping you turn that awesome cute door into a dutch door. Just. Saying. (smile).