Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colette Look-a-Like

I, like everyone else, love the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel. I have seen a few good knock offs posted in the blogosphere like the one from Urban Home. But the bad part about this bed is that it doesn't ship everywhere and if it does, costs an arm and a leg! But low and behold, I have found the perfect knockoff!!! The best part? $2.95 shipping :)

It is on Overstock {with a very high sell out risk!}, costs $873 for the King and $799 for the Queen. The pricier C&B versions are $1899 and $1699. I don't think I have ever clicked add to cart so fast! Plus, the reviews are fantastic.

Crate and Barrel Colette

Overstock "Colette"

I can't wait to get a real, live bed in our room! Only 1-6 weeks. {That IS a pretty big window, Overstock, just saying.}

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Danielle said...


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Overstock never fails, they have a pretty awesome rug selection as well.

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Wow, how exciting! Can't wait to see the new bedroom !

hana said...

that's awesome! can't wait to see when it arrives. xo

Anonymous said...

How did the bed turn out?? It's too bad that this item doesn't ship to Canada. :(