Friday, April 6, 2012



1. I have a new puppy-in-law!! Adam's sister and her husband got the sweetest new pup, Daisy. I don't know that there is anything better in life than a puppy!
2. I found this beauty while antique shopping in OK. I was SO close to buying it but it needed some repair and I have told myself to stop buying things that need work!
3. A new vintage jewel! 
4. The pups and I have been LOVING this warm weather. So fun to lounge outside!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday!

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Caitlin @ Hardly Housewives said...

Cute pup!  We pick up our newly adopted dog tomorrow and I am soooo excited!

Sam E Penner said...

Happy Easter, Michelle!  Loving your instagram snaps lately.

CurrentlyCoveting said...

EEEEEEEEP!  Puppies are the greeeatest, aren't they!?  SO precious.


Rahul khan said...

Happy Easter  ! Loving your  post.
Thanks for that.
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Cari said...

You have a cute blog!!  and love that vintage necklace! 

Jessica Rowe said...

Love the pups and that necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

Emily {The Best of this Life} said...

Love that vintage necklace - it's totally stunning! Happy Easter Weekend :)

Giovanna Pacini said...

Love your new vintage necklace!! It's too cute!


Kat said...

ooh i love that necklace!! so pretty! :) and awwww what a cute pup! :)

Annie said...

That necklace looks gorgeous...and lovin' the pics of your pups :)
The Other Side of Gray 

Jessie D. Miller said...

Girl if you don't want that table, I'LL TAKE IT! Awesome! 

<3 Puppies <3 

Nikol said...

That necklace is to die for! What an awesome find!!