Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the vanity saga continues...

We picked up the vanities from Lowe's and opened the tops first. We ordered creamy-yellow travertine, but opened taupe marble. Like we have already learned, you don't always get what you order. At this point I am telling myself I can live with the taupe just to be done with the project. Well as it turns out, they are way to small for the vanities as well. Here is a picture of the sink sitting on the vanity... or should I say hanging off of the vanity.

Now I am a little annoyed. I load up the two vanity tops and head to Lowe's so I can return/buy what I need. They can't find what goes with the vanities we ordered. They take my information and "claim" they will call me back the next day once they get to the bottom of the issue.

I decide to head to Home Depot to see if they have something that will work for us. I take a peek at the special order book and what to my wondering eyes should appear? The exact vanity top from the same company we are looking for with a product number (which they couldn't even find at Lowe's). Now I am a little excited. I call they hotline to make sure the dimensions are correct because according to the catalog, they are. He tells me the dimensions are the same size as the too-small ones we had already received. I tell him that is wrong and he looks closer. It turns out... THE TOP HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Um.....

So apparently someone at corporate thinks its kosher to send me a vanity top that is not only the wrong color and stone, but also entirely too small to fit the vanity that it is supposed to go with just because they decided to discontinue a product. Awesome.

We ended up ordering a white marble top from Home Depot that fits for right around the same price we had spent on the smaller ones, which I like much better. So I guess everything happens for a reason (that is if everything comes in right this time, I am beginning to think we are cursed).

Oh I can't forget to mention that Lowe's never even called us back.

On a lighter note, we bought the wood floors today!!! We ended up going with the Virginia Mill Works handscraped floors in Knob Hill Birch Natural.

Instillation is supposed to start Thursday. I can't wait!

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Dallyn said...

i LOVE the floors you picked! I'm so excited for you! Can you help with my house someday??