Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ultimate DIY

I found this great blog that offers so many plans to build your own furniture! She (yes, she) takes a piece of furniture from somewhere like West Elm or Pottery Barn and finds/makes plans on how to build it at home yourself for a fraction of the cost. Pretty cool, huh?

I really want Adam to make me the this West Elm modern farmhouse dining table with the plan from Knock Off Wood, which you can find here.

The table costs about $600 at West Elm but can be made for about $30 in supplies! It would be even cooler if we could find some reclaimed wood to use. Maybe once the floors are down and the bathroom is finished, I can convince him to make this table for me...

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tepdjp said...

Poor Adam.

Anonymous said...

Michelle!!! I didn't know you had a cute little blog, I am so proud of you!!! Now, I can go what's going on in your decorating life! You are just too cute, love you!

Dallyn said...

are you going to put the cowskin on the floor too? because you know i would... :)

Michelle said...

Hey, you never know! Maybe I will use one someday?