Friday, February 12, 2010

Bathroom Lighting

Our bathroom only had/has one light setup for an above the mirror lighting fixture. When we demoed the bathroom, we should have added a second and even third light setup so we could use sconces in between the mirrors and on the outsides. (Biggest regret=lesson learned for bathroom #2 and #3) Anyway, we are going to have to work with what we have. Since we are going from one long, single-sinked vanity to two vanities with two mirrors, I want to put the mirrors on either side of the light setup and put a sconce in between. I have been searching online for the sconce I want and have found a few good contenders. I still have an idea in my head of the exact sconce I want, but haven't been able to find it. These might just have to do.

Option 1:
Burlington Two Light Wall Sconce
This one has a perfect price tag. Only $77! I love the swoopy arms and the rustic, yet modern, wrought iron.

Option 2:
Jamesport Two Light Wall Sconce
This option is more expensive at $179, but I love the fabric shades on it. (I am envisioning a fabric shade so I can trim out the top and bottom in red grosgrain trim to bring in more of that accent color) This one doesn't have quite the clean lines as the first one.

Option 3:
Brushed Nickel Two Light Wall Sconce

I love the fabric shade and modern lines but can't decide if I want to give up the two shades even though this one still has two lights. The price tag on this one is $100 even.

Option 4:
Curve Appeal Wall Sconce

I love this light! The design on the fabric shade is super cool and the lines of the metal are perfect. The concern on this one is that it isn't timeless and it is a little expensive at $163.

Thoughts, anyone? What would you want to see if you were walking into a bathroom of a home you were looking to purchase? (We are trying to flip this house and make a little profit off of it) Leave me a comment and let me know your choice!

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Katie said...

I love the first one! Very simple, yet classic! I'm also a fan of the last, but like you said, it's very "in" right now! I am obsessed with reading your blog.. It's like I'm there!!

Mom said...

My first pick would be the third one and my second choice would be the fourth one.

Dallyn said...

third one.. duh.. looks like it belongs in my momma's house.. i love it!!