Saturday, February 27, 2010


Adam and I resumed work on the bathroom and had to revert back to the stone age to do so. The vanity tops come "pre-drilled" with three partially drilled holes. You pick the holes (or in our case, just hole) that you need and have to chisel it out to make it big enough for the faucet to fit into. (If that even makes sense?)

Here is a shot of Adam practicing the trade of our distant ancestors:

Our not-so-perfect hole:

Toilet. Check.

We chose the high-efficiency toilet that has two separate flushes; one for liquids and one for solids. It also has a pretty cool button on top of the toilet seat :)

We have also made a lot of progress on the wood floors. We have one bedroom completely done, a bedroom halfway done, the dining room and hall are seeing major progess and the kitchen has been started.

Miss Ellie has been helping a lot and is worn out! She even has a sticker from the vanity on her paw...

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tepdjp said...

Ellie is such a silly girl!

Heidi said...

is that what both of those buttons on the top of the toilet are for?? they have those same buttons on the western toilets here in china... and NO ONE knows why! thank you for your brilliance!

Michelle said...

I am so glad I could help you figure out these crazy toilets!!