Monday, February 22, 2010

Soooo Close...

I know I said we were going to start working on wood floors a few days ago, but it got pushed back (imagine that). So we are officially starting Wednesday, which might feel a little bit like Christmas morning to me! In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what's already happened and what's in store.

This is the load of wood Adam and I had to lug into the house last week. It might not look that intimidating but maybe it will if I tell you that each of those boxes weighs around 60 pounds each and we had around 55 boxes! I could barely get out of bed the next day!

Here is what or living room (or should I say construction zone) looks like right now. The wood had to acclimate to it's environment so we couldn't leave it in the shed.

I can't believe I am showing the disgusting carpet this close up, but here it is in full force. It will make the end result look that much better. I honestly can't believe we have made it this long without ripping the stuff out.

This last picture is just a reminder of what's to come! I get a little giddy thinking about it!

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Jen of Made By Girl said...

How difficult has it been installing the wood floors yourselves??