Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wood Floor/Bathroom Update

We finally started today! They got most of the carpet/tile ripped up and laid a lot of the planks for the two guest bedrooms. Here is a picture of one of the guest bedrooms with the carpet still in it:

And the after with most of the flooring down! I absolutely love it! (we will eventually be painting the trim white/painting the room, etc.)

The dining room is still in a state of disarray after having the carpet ripped up. It looks a little scary...

We had another milestone today; the bathroom vanity tops are in! We went with the carrera marble this time and they are gorgeous. I am much happier with these tops than either of the other two. Hopefully we will be able to knock out most of what we have left in the bathroom this weekend.

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tepdjp said...

I love the marble and the floors look great!

tepdjp said...

You 2 are doing a great job, can't wait to see it for real. Michelle you are doing a wonderful job telling all of us about your saga keep up the good work.