Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say hello to my new friend...

..the mitre box and saw!

This guy little guy helped me do this... (still needs caulk to make the joint seamless, but I would say it is pretty good for my first time)

I haven't ever even cut anything but decided today to try my hand at making the mitre cuts required to put baseboard down in the bathroom. After using the hand saw for a while, I must say I am considering splurging on the electric version to make the job a little easier. Or I guess I could just assign Adam to this task in the future. Still, it was fun conquering a new "skill."

**Color Update: I know you must have been a little worried about my design ability after the glow in the dark paint I chose for the bathroom, but those fears should be eradicated after seeing the new color on the walls. I love it! Here is a sneak peak:

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