Thursday, July 26, 2012

Second and Dahlia's Style Steals

Hi! Sorry I have been slacking a little this week. Lots going on with some big plans - can't wait to share with you guys. Until then, how gorgeous is this pretty blue bedroom? I have been thinking about going black on the walls in mine but this is definitely making me reconsider! Seriously pretty! And how about that outfit that Jessica put together. Kind of dying over it! 




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Amber Presley said...

Loving that flamingo pillow-it's so unique!

Diana Marks said...

wonderful inspirational post!

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B3HD the Blog said...

That pretty blue duvet cover in the original blue room...I NEED To make that mine.  That is all.
Congrats on the house closing.  I thought it was bad signing my long name a billion and one times over and again (and then again because though I sign EVERYTHING with my first initial, last name, someone decided 3.4 of the way through that I should sign my whole first name.  Fun. Times.

Congrats on the house and the office and the two weeks. Leap forth and prosper!
Bernadette from