Monday, July 2, 2012

Things to Remember

Happy Monday! First a little update on the house - we are having to start all over with a new mortgage company. Fixing all 52 things that were on the inspection report just wasn't really an option at this point. So we are looking at three-ish weeks at this point? Dying to share plans and pictures with you guys! 

On to the post! I have been saving some images from instagram (mine and others) lately of noteworthy things I want to remember. A little tour, shall we?

1. The tile in this photo (especially the floor) and the outfit isn't too bad either! (via Tulip Louise Instagram)
2. Snapped a photo of this home's curb appeal in our new neighborhood. Very similar setup to our new home and love the paint/entry that they have done. Need ours to look a little more like this.
3. Need to find a recipe for this jalepeno dill (I think?) shrimp. (via Modern Eve Instagram)
4. Loving these Serena and Lily chairs... want to find somewhere to use them! (via Amber Interiors Instagram)
5. Thinking I should try this new Silk Fruit and Protein drink.. (via Dirty Laundry Instagram)
6. Loving the lime green and purple plants in a planter I snapped a photo of. Must recreate! 
7. A Dr. Oz smoothie that needs trying.

Where have y'all been finding inspiration lately?

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Sadieandstella said...

Ok. Love your doggie. Love. How freaking cute! Your house is darling! And so strange you posted this shake because I just made one this morning with protein, spinach, almond milk and blueberries. Its beyond amazing. Happy Monday cute girl!

Hannah said...

I saw that outfit and loved it. Then you mentioned the tile, so I took a second peak. To die for... Enough said.

xo Hannah

Gaby said...

Love those chairs and cushions and the smoothie is making me drool!

sandy a la mode said...

that outfit is soo perfect for summer!

Jeanee Duval said...

So glad I inspired you! The Silk Fruit & Protein Mixed Berry drink is delish! 

B3HD the Blog said...

Those chairs are HOT! I'd want to build a sunroom on my pacific northwest, gets 2 days of sun home just to lounge in those. The Silk fruit and protein drink is super sweet.  I like sweet stuff, but when I sampled it in store, I didn't get it because I about rotted a tooth out my mouth with a little sippy cup full.  Might be entirely flavor dependent though.

And the lime green and purple - looks like creeping jenny and coleus. In my neck of the woods, super easy to recreate (see them all the time in the store and both grow quickly so you can get the smallish versions for a planter and get to lush gorgeousness in no time.

Fun instagram tour!

Michelle Henderson said...

Thank you for all the helpful tips!! I am going to look for the creeping jenny and coleus ASAP!!

Annie said...

Those chairs are AWESOME! And the shrimp and jalapenos looks like a delicious combo :) Good luck with the house stuff - sounds stressful!

The Other Side of Gray 

christianaholt said...

The tiles in that bathroom are gorgeous ... i love small tiles especially as a feature wall ...