Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY: No Sew Monogram

Is it really Monday again already? I must admit that I didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday. Did you guys? Heard Madonna was amazing... kind of bummed I didn't at least tune in for that. I did accomplish this super easy DIY over the weekend.

I found this awesome h on Today is Going to be Awesome and knew I wanted to use it somehow.

Heat N Bond
Monogram Stencil

First, iron on the Heat N Bond to the fabric glue side down.

Then trace the monogram you want to use on to the paper. Don't forget to trace the
monogram on backward!

Cut them out!

Lastly, glue them on to your pillowcase(s). I didn't get a picture of this step but it is pretty self explanatory!

Come back tomorrow to see what they look like in the master bedroom!

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Jessika {Stand Still Look Pretty} said...

Ooo I'm going to do this! Super simple, but perfect for my busy schedule... and lets be honest, I don't have a sewing machine lol

sampenner said...

WOW! The result is so gorgeous. What a fun, beautiful DIY. I am a sucker for monograms. Great project!



Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I love the felt and the font of the h!!!

A Lived in Home said...

Great, inexpensive touch!

Dana Gastelum said...

So CUTE!! I love this!! Beautiful job girl! :)