Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inspired By: Vintage Kantha Quilts

I am totally obsessing over vintage Kantha quilts! One Kings Lane had some for sale a few weeks ago and I didn't pull the trigger. I still wasn't quite sure what color direction I was going in the bedroom so I didn't buy! I am a little bummed out but Ebay and Etsy have
some good selections!

This image is from Niki Jones and unfortunately, they aren't for sale anymore. But this is absolutely what I picture when I think of Kantha quilts.

Styling Tips:
-Fold it at the end of a bed or use it as a bedspread for a twin
-Lay it across the back of a couch to bring a little punch of pattern
-Cut into pieces and frame to use as a series of artwork

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1 comment:

house of earnest said...

I really love these. I've been looking for something similar, but never knew what to call them!