Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Style

With the recent surge in warm weather, I feel like I am scrambling a bit to update my spring wardrobe. Usually I have a little longer, but I won't complain. Both of these are from Zara and I am in love! Especially with the glitter pair. I have some similar sandals from F21 that are literally falling apart because I have been wearing them for two years straight and I have been worried about replacing them, but these will totally do the trick!!

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ThefashionableESQ said...

These are both gorgeous picks! This style of flat is one of my faves for warm weather. I love the cute "&" sign in the middle of the shoes!

xoxoThe Fashionable ESQhttp://www.thefashionableesq.blogspot.com/

The Yuppie Files said...

Love these! I've been looking for some great sandals so I'll have to check these out.

Lauren Corso said...

Those are both great - although the cobalt + black ones "speak" to me more, I think I would get more wear out of the sparkly ones.... but I love them both!

momto8blog said...

they are fabulous!!!  Lucky you!  
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
I am ready to start  wearing sandals!!!

Melanie said...

ahhhh, I love these! If only KC had a Zara :)

The Midwest Muse said...

I'm in love with the blue ones. I've never worn sandals like these before, but golly are they pretty.

Giovanna Pacini said...

Love the sequin sandals! So cute! I need to find some sandals for my shoe collection. My fave pair definitely came apart during my trip to Toronto a few months ago! lol


Shea Sayers said...

Ooh I love that sparkly pair! I'm in the market for some new sandals too.